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Tempe, Arizona
Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences; all events are blessings given to us to learn from.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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guest message archive - July-September 2007

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9/19: From Richard and Mona Feige, Phoenix, AZ

Glad to know you're still fighting the fight, and have the upper hand. We'll be doing a cancer walk in Prescott Valley Sept 29th. We'll be walking for you, and another very special survivor. If you feel up to it and have the time, join us. You'll be there in our thoughts even if you can't be there in person.

9/10: From Phillip Oppenheim, Sacramento, CA


Hello. Happened to be out dong a ten mile race yesterday and thought I would spin a little yarn for you about it and check-in. Hope that you're continuing your progress. And be assured that good thoughts are still flowing your way from the city that sits at the confluence of two rivers.

Joined about 1,000 of my closet friends yesterday morning for the 33rd Annual Buffalo Stampede/Migration. It's put on by the Buffalo Chips running club and marks the beginning of the fall racing season in Sacramento. It's run in two waves, first the Migration for those who will be running/walking at a 10+ per minute pace and the second wave (the Stampede) goes off an hour later for those under that projected pace. Perhaps this says much about the Penguin wave that's swept this country, but for the first time in my memory the Migration had more participants than the Stampede.

This race has a special place in my heart as it's the first event I ever entered. The year was 1992. I was training for the California International Marathon and a buddy suggested that this was a must do. There was no Migration in those days, just a herd of folks moving down the quiet streets on a Sunday morning. I was a runner in those days and covered the distance in 1:41. Not bad for a first race and it remains the best time I've ever posted. Strange how that happened, but it did.

But that was then and as I toed the line yesterday I now find myself a walker preparing for life as much as any race and realizing that time is not of the essence...effort is.

Training has good good this summer. I've averaged close to 100 per month for the past four months and have had training walks as long as 14 miles. With the exception of a couple twinges in my gams I'm pleased to report a summer absent of significant injury. And that always nice to say.

I also have a new toy...Garmin Forerunner 205. New generation of GPS units that seem to have resolved the glitches in the old Garmin Forerunner 201. I've had it for a couple weeks and am very impressed by its accuracy. I mention it because it joined me for yesterday's race. It served as my official timer and lap counter...

Race. A more accurate description would be event. Ten miles of wonderful walking and concerning myself with effort as my main competition is to stave off age and that's about as individual as you can get. My speed work this summer is limited, but, as I noted, my walks have been both frequent and long. Just love being out there.

Told some friends that I would be happy with a 2:25/2:30 finish time. That's several minutes slower than last year and 15/20 slower than my PR of 2003.

Gun sounded and I was off. I quickly settled into a good steady pace, a pace that seldom changed over the next ten miles. Finished the first mile in 14:47 and that turned out to be my second slowest mile as I banged out ten consecutive sub-15 minute miles to cross the finish line in 2:27:21. I was pleased with time, but more so with the fact that for once I maintained a pace that didn't sent my heart rate soaring to the point that I was spent by the halfway mark. And if that wasn't enough, I couldn't be happier with my effort. Grand day...grand.

It marks the first of five events I have lined up for this fall. Next up is the Cowtown Half Marathon a month from now, that's followed by another half in November, the Run to Feed the Hungry on Thanksgiving Day and finally a 5K being hosted by Fleet Feet in mid December. Should be fun as they keep me focused on being out there...and that's the most important thing.

That's about a wrap from Sacramento. I'll try to check in more frequently, and will keep checking your progress as you continue to serve as a source of inspiration.



9/7: From John (Marathon John) Cotham, San Antonio, TX

Don't think for one minute that a day does not go by that I wonder how you are doing. It is exciting to see that you are out and about making the best of life. I pray that God continues to give you strength and many more years. You are a true inspiration of strength. Keep smiling and stay focused on the future. You go girl!!

8/21: From Susie Miller, Ahwatukee AZ

Hi Liz,

I've been trying to get hold of you and I have been thinking about you. Sorry I have lost contact with you and I am glad was able to find you again. I was able to figure out that your mom still lives in the same house and was able to get into contact with you all again and I am very happy about that. I was reading your web page and it sounds like you are doing better now. You are very lucky to have such a very loving and supportive family through all this. Anyway, I am glad I finally found you again I would love to get together sometime. I was looking at these beautiful horse pictures the other day and I was thinking about you and when you owned a horse. I thought I would share the link of these horse pictures because I thought you would enjoy the photos too.

Anyway, I am here if you need anything and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

8/16: From Jeannie H, Reston, VA

Liz...what an amazing story of courage and strength. I found your site by chance when looking at the website for the dental practice that has seen my niece for her entire childhood. God bless you for bringing your story to the public eye and sharing your experiences and hope with others.

I will continue to check in for your updates.

7/15: From Patti Hamill in St Louis

What a night. It was beautiful. A wonderful celebration. We did not get flooded out this time. It was a smaller turn out than the original date, but we had a blast. Our girls want to do it again next year.

Jill won the hula hoop contest and Megan won the musical chairs contest.

We remembered PaPa and we celebrated for you. Our girls loved the night and did not want it to end.

They saw many survivors and they know that people do win the battle with cancer.

We continue to pray for you and someday hope to meet you. Battle the beast and continue to hope.

(look at upper right corner of picture - the candles spell out "HOPE"

Love, Patti, Pat, Jillian, Jamie and Megan Hamill is St. Louis

Webmaster note: Click here for a slideshow of this wonderful celebration of Hope

7/12: From Lisa Swanson, Avondale

Dear Liz, It seems like a lifetime since AZL2000. Please know you are in our prayers, as we continue our personal journey. You and your family are truly blessings in our lives. Warmest of regards & we'll run with you!

7/6: From Phillip Oppenheim, Sacramento, CA


Been a while since I've written, so figured it was time for a check-in. Hope you're doing well.

June was a good month here. Recorded 95 miles and ten walks of seven miles or longer, along with a couple back-to-back seven miles days...and that's a first for this old grump.

Also had the occasion to travel over the San Francisco. The Fleet Feet Corporation was having its annual conference and were nice enough to bestow an award upon me...Ambassador of the Year. Supposedly goes to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to Fleet Feet. Not so sure I've done that, but gladly accepted the trophy. Had the distinct pleasure of sitting next to Amby Burfoot at the awards banquet. The 1968 Boston Marathon winner and current senior editor for Runner's World had some very nice things to say about Penguins and what the movement has meant to running. Suffice to say it was a very, very, pleasant evening.

They were nice enough to take some pictures and it's my pleasure to share with you one of Mr. Burfoot and the old grump.

July is starting out good as well. Five days into it and I have 21 miles on the books. Had a very good five mile race yesterday, 1:13:52 and came back with a nice, easy, five today in heat that will reach 106 before it starts to cool. Yep, Sacramento summer has arrived.

Going over this evening to listen to Jeff Galloway. He's been doing an annual appearance at Fleet Feet for ten years now and it's always enjoyable. Always learn something new and have a few chuckles along the way.

Okay, 'nuff for now. Check back later this month.



7/4: From Pam Fron, Austin, TX

H i Liz,
I just saw your website and am very touched by your courage and strength...
I train with the Central Texas Team in Training group & in addition to the bracelet I wear for them, I will wear yours. I'll be taking you to the Nike Women's Marathon in October!

Training in the summer heat in Texas can be exhausting! But thoughts of what cancer patients (and their families) go through motivate me to continue training & more importantly to raise $$ to one day (hopefully soon!) find a cure.

Stay strong.




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