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Tempe, Arizona
Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose. There are no mistakes, no coincidences; all events are blessings given to us to learn from.
Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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guest message archive - June 2007

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6/30: Posted by Marjorie Mullaly in UT, on the running lists:

Way to go on the 5K. Yes I'll be at the Disneyland half. I fly in late Saturday night. So I'll go over and be Scream team for your 5K. We are staying across the street at what used to be the Red Roof Inn but now is Motel 6-hmm. I'm coming with my Team in Training walking coach and friend.

6/30: Posted by Liz on the running lists:

I drove up to Flagstaff yesterday after work, stepped out of my car at 6pm and just sighed....felt so good up here after leaving 113 in the Valley!

I did not sleep well last night, I made the mistake of not taking my ambien and at 2:30 am after tossing and turning it was too late to take it you need 7 to 8 hours. I do not like being reliant on ambien to sleep....I have tried other things and nothing else seems to work. Anyway, the alarm goes off at 6:10am/6:15am and 6:20am, hmmmmmmmm at 6:40 I say ERIC!!!! I need to leave by 6:45. So I rush to get ready and out of the door in 10 minutes.

I got there in plenty of time before the 7:30 guntime. Went and picked up my bib/shirt and checked out the goomies, they were good before the race and just as good after! So as I was walking back to my car to drop off my goodie bag I see a sea of Yellow RaceLab shirts and then I see my coaches Bettina and Gus. I had not seen them since the last track session I attempted in April 2006 a few weeks prior to my DX. Bettina gave me the biggest hug it was so good to see them all, they all had driven up from the valley for the race.

Well they all did the 10K run and I did the 5K walk. It was a nice route mostly under the cover of the pines. It was SO nice and cool! I made a few friends along the way, a couple from the Valley and I walked the whole way with them, nice couple. As we approached the finish Bettina whized by me, she finished the 10K run in 56 minutes and I finished the 5K walk in the same time LOL!

I went to breakfast with the group at Cracker Barrel and just caught up on life. Man was it nice to see them! We discussed the fact that I cannot do high impact exercising and that walking and biking is what I want to focus on. Bettina and Gus basically train the three Tri's so they offered to meet me at the bike shop they go to and make sure I get equipped right with a bike seat and whatever else I need to add to my bike, WAY COOL! Bettina also wants to train me one on one in swimming, hmmmmmmmm I may take her up on it! I am so excited and look forward to getting back into training with them!

They also talked me into going to the Disney Half Marathon over Labor Day weekend, although I will do the 5K on Sunday and Scream Team the Half Marathon on Monday! I hope to see some of you there!

It was AWESOME morning!


6/27: From Marjorie Mullaly, Springville Utah

Lizzy: I will be walking the San Francisco Avon Two Day Breast Cancer walk on July 7 & 8. I will be wearing a pink ribbon for you at the request of Daniel Wellner. I will be thinking of you while I walk both days. The report and pictures will come after I return home on July 12th. {{HUGS}}

6/27: From Christopher Aucella, Melrose, MA

I run marathons and other events to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. I allways felt like I was just doing what I was taught growing up the right thing. Before I really go involved in raising money I was well aware of what cancer did to families because it took away the center of mine. I now see that all the people out there that are cancer survivors and their families, they don't just benifit from the money raised; that hope and support plays even a bigger role in their lives. When my Mom was sick there was no one to turn to outside the family and to talk to with simular experiences. So I realize now that it's people like you and your family over thirty years later that bring me comfort. I know this message is all over the place but I am writing from my heart. You are in all my prayers and thoughts.

6/26: From Kiersten W, Memphis

I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer on September 18th, 2006 two weeks after turning 32. A couple months later during radiation and chemo I started following your journey. You have been an inspiration to me in so many ways. I admire your strength to keep going. I had surgery on February 5th and ended up with a permanent colostomy and elected to have a hysterectomy done. Healed for 4 weeks and started 4 months of FOLFOX and Avastin. I finished chemo last Wednesday. My follow up scans will be in September. When I asked "What do I do now?", my oncologist told me to "Go live". That's what I see you doing and I plan to follow. Thank you for this website. God Bless!!!

6/26 From Kim Northam, Plainfield, Il

Hi Liz,

You visited my "Care Page" the other day and mentioned we might know someone in common. I wonder who it is? You also directed me to your website. I only read a few of the updates, but boy do we have a lot in common. I also have kidney stents and have to have them replaced every 4 months or so. I am going to read more of your updates so I know your story better, but keep up the great spirit it helps those of us who are going through our own journey.

Kim Northam

6/23: From Patti Hamill, St. Louis

Our girls are so excited. They have rescheduled the Relay for Life here in St. Louis for July 14. It will be a mini relay. Our girls cannot wait to light the luminaria for you and my father. They continue to collect money for the cancer society. I am soooo proud of them. I will keep you updated on the relay. Have a wonderful time this week and keep those great reports on your health coming. We are still sending good health vibes your way!

Patti, Jill, Jamie, and Megan in St. Louis

6/21: From Amy Wright, Peoria, AZ

Hi Liz ... Hope you're doing well, I think of you often and am amazed at how courageous you've been through all of this, you are an amazingly strong women!! I enjoy reading your updates and hearing how things are going. Glad to hear things are finally going in the right direction for you!!

God Bless,


6/13: From Richard and Mona Feige, Phoenix, AZ

We just read the updates on your website. We want you to know you have continued to be in our thoughts and prayers. We're glad you're feeling better and were scheduled to return to work today. Please leave our tax files alone. Ha Love you, Rick and Mona

6/5: From Dizzy Miss Lizzy Shepard, Denver, Colorado

Ok, Girlfriend-I've-Not-Met ...

You've done quite a bit in Denver and San Diego in Racewaling. I'm sure my times aren't up (down?) where yours are, but it's something!

We did great on our first Relay - they don't allow walkers on the full marathon due to the 6 hour cut off - but there I was shusshing my skirt up Colfax (kind of scary since it has some serious red-light districts) doing mid 12's for a 5K.

A week ago Monday, you were really quite busy on my back at the Bolder Boulder 10K on Memorial Day. I had two signs pinned to the back of my St. Jude Hero wine colored singlet ... you and a friend of mine were on one ... and the other had family service members from WW1 to present. Good group of you kicking me through to finish decently in the field of over 50,000 participants: 1:24:06.

Left on Thursday to go to San Diego. Wanted a PB or at least a marathon match, but it wasn't meant to be. A lot of 'signs' of little foul ups here and there ... and a cold ... but the whole gig is listed on the Penguin group ... HOWEVER - you were there on that one, Girlfriend. I know you were on a lot of backs and in a lot of hearts, but the Walking Caboose here brought you home at 6:30:53. I had some goals, but didn't want to get into :31 ... so here's to having big feet and getting my flipper over the line before the clock changed time! I also found a quarter when I was trying to stretch on one of the freeways ... so I am now an ELITE CABOOSE! :)

So there you go -

3.1 + 6.2 + 26.2 = 35.5 miles (official) ...

Keep healing!

Dizzy Ms. Lizzy

6/4: From Daria in Utica, NY - posted to running list

Now that you know how I did on day 1 - here's day 2.
Sunday 6AM - 4 miles on the treadmill for 52:16 min. I know, I said that I was going to run 1 mile per hour but I hurt from Saturdays experience...sort of like Louise said. Also, being Sunday, I needed to take my mom to church and if you sat in on one of our masses, it is like 1 1/2 hours long so I knew that I would not be home until about 1PM. Got home at 12:45, quickly changed and ran 3 more miles in 38:02. At 4:30, another 3 in 42:11 ( I was starting to get real tired-cause in between I was trying to do too much). Then at 8PM my final 3.1 in 44:23 and this I ran outside---it had cooled down and was just a beautiful night but my eyes really suffered and I had some difficulty breathing but hey- it was for Liz.
So, my total time for the 26.2 miles over 2 days was 5:31:12 for an average pace of 12:38---If only I could keep that pace on any marathon day but these old legs won't let me do it--they will holler at me like I holler at my Garmin.

Looking forward to everyones RnR report. Hope you all had fun.

Daria still upset over not being able to go to SD but I do feel much better

6/3: Posted by Elizabeth on the running list

Ran two miles in the drizzle for Liz this afternoon. I probably wouldn't have run today if it weren't for her -- I ran yesterday and would have stayed inside without the extra kick.

My new neighborhood is very hilly, so even though I didn't really push, I finished breathing hard and glad to have the privilege of running, as well as of knowing Liz.


6/3: From Phillip Oppenheim, Sacramento, CA

Wonderful day in Sacramento. We have been so blessed with spring that it’s almost scary. Almost beginning to think that we are being given a reprieve before they turn on the blast furnace and it becomes 115 or a couple weeks. But, that’s in the future and today is today and it was beautiful

My plans were to head out to the path around Sacramento State and do nine miles. Didn’t happen that way.

Spent yesterday working packet pickup for a little event known as the River City Run. It’s put on by the Sierra Club, is both a 5 & 10K, and the course follows the path I walk most days. And the start line is less than a ten-minute stroll from my house.

Having raced on Monday, I had no intention of doing the event, but signed up because I wanted to support the cause.. However, this morning I decided to avail myself of the course. Not do the event, but just walk the 10K course, which makes it about seven miles roundtrip from my home.

Good move. Just was so pleasant and so controlled. Never got caught up in the pace of the race, but did suck off the energy and spirit of those racing. Took some Sustained Energy/Hammer Gel mixture with me and popped a few e-capsules before and during and that stuff truly works for me. Yes, it was a very good day for walking.

Of course, my friend, I couldn’t help but thinking that many others were out doing things with you on their mind this day. I look forward to reading their words as they blanket you with the love and support that you so richly deserve.

The words you recently posted were so wonderful. It’s so great to read that you are returning to work and that you continue to walk from the dark to the light. A true blessing.

God Bless,

6/3: From Elizabeth L-B, Falls Church, VA

Liz, I was thinking of you this afternoon. Did about two miles in my new neighborhood. The rain had let up when I started, but every time the wind picked up the trees dumped water on me. And it started to drizzle again by the time I finished. I don't think I would have run if it weren't for you today. Thanks.

6/3: From Daniel Wellner, Hillsdale, NY

This morning, as soon as I got up, I put on my running shoes and got ready to run. Unfortunately, it was raining. So I had breakfast with Vaira and waited for the rain to stop. By noon, it was raining very hard. Actually, I like running in the rain, but it's hard for me to go out when it's raining. I like it when it starts raining during my run. So I had lunch with Vaira while waiting for the rain to stop.

At 3:30, the rain finally stopped and I went out. It was very humid and there was a fresh country smell in the air. I ran my favorite 8.6 mile loop on country roads in my neighborhood, but I ran it in reverse for a change. I was thinking of you and all the Penguins in San Diego. There are lots of hills on this course but I tried not to stop or walk. I am training for a 5K on June 9 which I would like to do in less than 30 minutes. I did not time my run, but it felt good and I was happy with it.

I hope you are feeling OK and I hope everybody in San Diego had a good time. I am looking forward to reading the reports.

Daniel (in Hillsdale, NY)

6/3: From Kris:

I am always so amazed by your words. You are truly amazing and have strength like no other. You will remain in our prayers . I am so happy to hear that you are doing so much better. Continue to take care of you. We all love you mucho!
Love, Kris and family

6/2: From Patti Hamill, St. Louis

Well Liz it rained, hailed, and we had high winds. They had to cancel the walk.

Our girls were disappointed but happy they will be rescheduling part of it. We are going to light the luminary in our driveway if they do not have it.

Here are some pictures of our girls at the end of the night. I think you can see they had fun.

The Rainbow lets us know God was with all of us.

You continue to be in our hearts and prayers. God Bless!

Love, The Hamill Family in St. Louis

6/1: From Patti Hamill, St. Louis

We are lighting candles for Liz in St. Louis tonight. Love, Megan, Jill and Jamie Hamill.

6/1: From Carlene Paquette, Carp, Canada

Here is a picture of my hands with the messages that got me through the National Capital Marathon on 5/27. Running with RunLizRun all the way! Full report here.

6/1: From Violet Elder, Ann Arbor, Michigan

HOORAY LIZ!!! We've all been holding our collective breath, waiting to hear from you. Since the end of April Millard and I have been logging some major mileage on the bike, and you have been with me on every single one of those rides. I now think of you whenever my muscles start to ache and the ride gets hard. I also revel in the beautiful of landscape, understanding better how short life is and the wonderful gift of it. Thank you for that.

I remember something another runner said to me during mile 19 of the Honolulu Marathon, when things were feeling hopeless. He said, "Just put one foot down at a time. Don't focus on the total distance; take each footfall as it comes." One foot at a time, Liz. We're here for you.

6/1: From Mary DeMattia, Novi, MI

Liz, I am so glad that you are feeling better. Sorry I missed you in Phoenix, but your weekend in SD was more important. At least I did get to chat for a moment.
Keep healing!


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