- Liz goes to Washington March 2008

Tempe, Arizona
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March 10-11, 2008: Liz goes to Washington!

This past week I was in Washington DC as an advocate for C3 – Colorectal Cancer Coalition. Sometime ago I saw an ad for Call on Congress with C3 and I was interested and applied to go, I have no problem talking to people so I went and I am so glad I did, it was an incredible week! I spent all day on Monday 3/10 being trained and learning about our governmental system of getting a Bill through both Houses, geez it is a wonder how anything gets done, but it does! On Tuesday 3/11 I spent the day on Capitol Hill meeting with members of Congress from my state, speaking for those that can no longer speak for themselves. There are currently three Bills before the House of Reps and one in the Senate: HR 1738, HR 1926/ S 1164 and HR 3060. If passed, these bills will provide coverage of nearly every butt in America that should be screened for colorectal cancer: those belonging to the poor and underserved, the elderly and those with private insurance; click here to read about them. I will be back next year, this year was the 2nd annual and there were 35 of us and next year we want hundreds and I hope to bring a few more with me, I know my Mom is in, are you?!


Liz and fellow advocates from the Colorectal Cancer Coalition (C3).

Liz with Joe Artie, Policy and Grassroots Manager for C3

Liz's Great Niece, Sedona, attended the awards banquet with Liz

and Joyce Anne

All of the advocates received recognition for their role in speaking up and speaking out

ONE MORE THIING - Liz is speaking at a seminar on Saturday, March 29

Click here for the seminar flyer.

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