- Rock n Roll Half Marathon Race Report 1/13/08

Tempe, Arizona
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1/13/08: Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon - Phoenix, AZ

Race Report from Joyce Anne (Mom)

She did it! We did it! Team Lizzy and her fabulous traveling T-Shirt crossed the finish line of both the full and half marathon in Phoenix, Arizona on Sunday, January 13. Liz’s dear friend Ward Reed traveled all the way from Virginia to wear the shirt AND complete the half marathon in an amazing 2:03:01. How does one do that? We hoped he did not get bored while he waited for the rest of the team to cross the finish line at various times ranging from 3:11 (Barb), 3:53 (Beverly), 4:20 (Marjorie), to 4:24 - the time that it took for Lizzy, Alan, and her proud mom to make the same trek. Barb was waiting for us when we pulled past the finish line. There were other marathoners wearing the now famous Colon Cancer Club shirt. We are waiting to hear their stories—Dianne, Candace, Chip.

What a fabulous day. The weather was perfect; bands entertained us every few miles. I learned about the “throw-away clothes tradition.” My friend, Barb Sanders (who traveled from San Antonio, TX to walk with us) and I shopped at Wal-Mart for $5 sweat shirts after we learned about this long-standing race tradition—wear the clothes until you get warm then toss them to the right over the rails. They were picked up and passed on to Goodwill and homeless shelters. My goal was to stay with Liz the entire 13.1 miles. There were a few pit stops, lots of fun along the way as we interacted with the cheerleaders, good conversation and a sense of achievement as we ticked off the miles. I wondered if I would be able to keep up with my daughter!

Walkers and racers around us were most interested in the back of our Team Lizzy T-Shirts. The tag line “What’s up your butt? Scope it out!” provided many opportunities for consciousness raising about the reality and hope for those who are diagnosed with colon cancer. How could we NOT take the photo when we came to the Endoscopy Center. Alan gets points for telling the funniest Team Lizzy T-Shirt Story. Someone with a cell phone asked him to pose for a picture then said he was sending it to his friends in a text message as he ran ahead—laughing all the way. Whatever it takes—the message is out. I do believe that this small beginning may develop into a larger movement if Liz decides to make it happen.

So our girl is up and running—so to speak. She says that walking may be her new running. She is surrounded by a group of fabulous friends and family who have supported her journey through the dark canyons and up the rim. She has proven that nothing compares to the strength of the human spirit. That’s my girl!

Joyce Anne and Liz at expo registration

Team Lizzy - Ward Reed from Virginia Beach, Bev Adams, Joyce Anne, Barb Sanders from San Antonio, Alan, Lizzy, Marjorie Mullaly from Utah

Mom and Liz before the half-marathon

Team Lizzy Shirts—message with meaning

Marjorie’s famous hat.

Ready to go at the start line.

We're off!

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