- Rock n Roll Half Marathon Race Report 1/13/08

Tempe, Arizona
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Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
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1/13/08: Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon - Phoenix, AZ

Race Report from Joyce Anne (Mom) - Page 2

Fun with cheerleaders along the way.

Lizzy our miracle girl.

We couldn’t resist this foto op when we saw the Endoscopy Center.

More fun with cheerleaders.

Lizzy at finish line. Roses are from Beverly.

Joyce Anne at finish line. "I always wanted to wear one of those moon blankets!"

Webmaster note: Yes, Joyce Anne, you now have the "marathon bling" - the medal and the cool blanket.
You are a Half-Marathoner!

Liz and good friend Diane.

Brother Tom massaged Liz’s feet while she slept. This foto says it all!

Another webmaster note: For those of you with family and friends who run, we runners are so grateful for the support. The cheers along the course, the pictures you take, the screams you give us - and especially the TLC after a race - it means more than we can ever tell you. Thank you.

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